love is the warmest colour, nara

Nara in an all-day downpour…the soundtrack of course, was Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave

“We haven’t been, but it was something Joe (guitar/lead vocals) stumbled upon. He read about the deer and the status the deer have in Nara. It’s a nice metaphor for people being left alone to live their lives the way they want to live them, not being told what to do or how to exist, having that freedom.”

– Alt J quoted in the Japan Times

Over 1200 deer roam the public park, originally protected as divine messengers by nearby Kasuga and Kofuku-ji shrines; today they are deemed national treasures. They eat seeds and nuts, but love shika senbei (deer cracker), a flavorless wheat cracker (I tried it) sold by vendors throughout the park. The male bucks are (predictably) much more aggressive about getting their fill, the fawns are shy and spook easily, and all of them will bow before accepting a senbei. The park brochure would have you believe this is because they are respectful lil Japanese deer, but more likely, they have cultivated this as a learned response for receiving treats. I can absolutely relate.

arrival in nara

I can hear her smile as she singsimg_4363IMG_4448.jpg



I’ve found a love to love like no other can

sometimes you just gotta go full derp
img_4569img_4551IMG_4595.jpgimg_4627img_4647IMG_4412.jpgme too buddy, me tooIMG_4645.jpgIMG_4619.jpgimg_4683representative from the future
deer stare.jpgimg_4697img_4698img_4707img_4713img_4735when you stumble upon a tea house in the woods you have no choice but to go in…img_4784img_4803


IMG_4837.jpgIMG_4851.JPGleaving nara

I’ll bury my hands deep
into the mane of my loverimg_4844img_4845img_4846img_4847img_4848img_4852img_4854img_4859hearty nabe (Japanese hot pot) with a chicken broth and abundant veggies; just what the soul needs after a day spent wandering a magical deer park in the unrelenting rain ❤

xo your friend alice

Location: Nara Deer Park, Nara-shi, Nara Prefecture, Japan

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