shibuya hallow’s eve

Welcome to the annual hub of cosplay for everyone in one of the most internationally recognized wards of Tokyo– Shi-BOO-ya. Vehicle traffic was roped off at the intersections of Shibuya Crossing, allowing for an all-out frenzy in the streets. And like with most things that require attention to detail, JAPANESE PEOPLE DO NOT MESS AROUND when it comes to fantastical costumes. The trinity of Halloween (cute, sexy, creepy) is not lost on anyone here. Take a look for yourself.

Kelly-chan and I dressed up as matching (another hallmark of Japanese culture; read about osoroi no tomodachi, おそろいの友達 or matching friends here) Slayboy Bunnies. We lure them in and then we eat their brains. GARRR!!!

p.s. Don’t go to Shibuya Halloweekend if you are camera shy.

feat. Kelly, Eugene, Dustin, D’Angelo, Kimmy, Lexi and other assorted revelersimg_2904img_2910img_2914


IMG_2966.jpgIMG_2938.jpgimg_2970Okay, okay princesses now let’s get in formation. img_2977img_2978

img_2982img_2985Kanpai Nobito-kun(s)!IMG_2917.jpg

img_2987img_3000img_2997I found Carmen! One of those rare Tokyo moments when your rotations through the city line up concentrically with someone you know 🙂img_3011neko x usagi

img_3074French Kiss with Mexican Tequilaimg_3078IMG_3065.jpgimg_3071Darth Vader terrorizing the neighborhoodimg_3094img_3047one of my roommates, Eugene-kun (-kun refers to boy)img_3050

img_3097img_3088img_3102img_3103img_3031img_3145img_3098img_3150IMG_3164 (1).jpgHappy Halloween my hooligans. xo your friend alice

Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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