afternoon delight

I’m starting to think every other post on here is an homage to friendship, and I am A-OK with that. I have already mentioned Kelly-chan* here, but there are really not enough words to describe how much I adore her. We met last October at a bar in Shibuya, and since then she has been my rock in Tokyo. We understand each other and we are open about everything. In only one year we have grown so much together. The other day I was feeling pretty low and she showed up at my place with hot cocoa and hugs. Living abroad is exhilarating and renewing, but it has its challenges and like any human, I have mine. I’m grateful to have found friends all over the world who I can talk to and help me get back on track after upsets; after all it’s the community that we create around us that makes a place really feel like home.

If it’s not already obvious by these posts (12, and 3) friendships are center stage in my life, and I have always relied on the collective wisdom of my people and the inner reflection I have accumulated over time to guide me through life’s travails. I have a great relationship with my family members, but we’ve never been emotionally close and able to discuss feelings without judgment or sometimes anger. It’s something that is improving with age, but having not grown up talking about our feelings, it takes more effort to reach that comfort point. ‘How is the weather? Have you been studying? Are you eating enough?’ are questions asked rather than ‘What do you want in life? Who do you love? What do you struggle with?’. When I have problems, the first person I turn to is a friend or my own inner sanctum for comfort. I absolutely adore my brothers and my mom and I hope that with time and perhaps, proximity, we’ll be able to understand more about each other on a deeper level.

To celebrate our one year friendiversary Kelly-chan and I played dress up with a double feature: girl’s night out in Shibuya at Vision nightclub and afternoon tea at the Shangri-La Hotel. A night full of carousing and booty-shaking followed by two delicious hours spent overcoming our hangovers, nibbling on petit fours, catching up on the latest feelings, and getting mad side-eye in transit with my boo. Ain’t she cute?

*-chan is an honorific attached to a name in Japanese when referring to a close friend, lover, cute baby or animal



P.S. I got my dress on super sale at a boutique called Sway on Telegraph Ave in Berkeley, next to Buffalo Exchange. Any Cal students out there know what I’m talking about? I just looked it up and it’s closed now. Telegraph is changing so quickly these days, I wonder if it retains the same character I know and love.

xo your friend alice

Location: Shangri-La Hotel, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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