hong kong high

img_1060img_0974img_0972img_0990img_1004img_1009img_1030img_0959img_0991img_1026[Victoria Peak, Wan Chai, Star Ferry Pier in Central, Harbour Plaza North Point]

Belated photos from my short trip to Hong Kong back in July wherein my connecting flight from Shanghai to HK was inexplicably cancelled (one of the many reasons I’m never flying China Eastern again) so I had to stay in an airport hotel overnight and then I caught a tropical fever as soon as I got off the plane and was down for the first 24 hours of a ~72 hour trip 😦 Nonetheless I was happy to reunite with Dan and Rainey, dear friends from middle/high school who were good sports about hanging out with a sick girl. Dan is an Associate Producer for CNN and recently relocated to Hong Kong and it is so precious to have a good friend living in Asia (P.S. he’s not a giant, just standing whilst we are sitting in that last photo).

It was my second time visiting HK and it is truly a jewel, such verdant wildness weaving through the concrete, and endless whiffs of ocean air! Taiwanese relate to Hong Kongers too in their shared struggle against rule by China. There is a certain understanding and solidarity in nations of largely ethnically Chinese populations but distinct cultural feelings from the mainland. Hong Kong has loads of Westerners and migrants and thus a slightly more diverse feel than Tokyo, its small size and density accounting for the feeling of hot-blooded, organized chaos. We witnessed a spirited shouting match between two women in broad daylight, something I can’t say I’ve ever seen in Japan. I enjoyed the lively energy, the feeling of letting everything out in the open that was a refreshing change from my current atmosphere. I missed out on boba and nightlife this time around, but now that I’ve got Dan in town I’ll have reasons and accommodations to return for a longer stay.

In other news, my mama is coming to visit Tokyo in December and I have a few days off for the new year’s holiday so I’ve just booked our trip to Seoul to welcome 2017! I am very much looking forward to it. One because I love my mama and I haven’t seen her in almost a year, and two because 7 is my lucky number and we’ll be kicking it off in style. The last time we traveled together was to Thailand at age 18 (seven years ago). I’m curious to see how it will go this time around, as that trip was quite memorable for a few reasons…

xo your friend alice

Location: Hong Kong

3 thoughts on “hong kong high

  1. If its the organized chaos you sort of enjoy, then Hong Kong has it all even more than Taiwan – which seemed to have “sobered up”. And definitely not as sterile as Singapore, where we are obsessed with a clinical environment.


    1. thanks for reading Mel & Suan 🙂 I agree with you, Taiwanese people are not too crazy in terms of nightlife; witness functional all you can drink clubs open until morning! (I heard they used to do this in Berlin but too many people had to be sent to the hospital.) Many have said that about Singapore, I would love to visit someday. I hear the street food is incredible. Actually one of the best meals I’ve had in Tokyo was at a Singaporean restaurant!

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      1. I recall when on business to Taiwan years ago there would be a lot of drinking and karaoke…think that’s all changing now. If you think food is incredible in Singapore, then you need to be in Malaysia too!


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