Today, September 24, 2016 is my one year Japanniversary!

In honor of this day, here is a post for posterity sake, recounting the marvels I have witnessed, the new friends I have hugged, and the cultural memories I have made in Nipponland. I can’t believe a year has zoomed by so quickly, although looking back, I remember each event distinctly demarcated by season and state of mind. I am happy to say that I loved strangers, cried tears, sang (karaoke), danced wildly, roamed freely, read voraciously, ate intrepidly (psa: horse sashimi and fresh sea urchin are delicious), stumbled upon beauty, hosted visiting friends from many chapters of life, and learned more about myself than I could have imagined. People often ask me why I moved to Japan and increasingly my reply is, why not?

There probably would have been more adventures (#fomo) but sadly I have also been grappling with the LSAT (law school admissions test) for a big chunk of this year. Not to worry, I will be slaying that beast soon and there is always more exploring to be done. I’ve included links to websites, blog posts, and instagrams if you’d like to see more about each ❤ ❤ ❤


  • started work at the Tokyo office of an American company (September)
  • met Hello Kitty at Sanrio Puroland (October)IMG_0450.JPG
  • my oldest brother and my niece came to visit (October)
  • my darling mama visited me for 2 weeks (Nov)IMG_2183.JPG
  • trip to Odawara (Nov)
  • Dada Life concert (Nov)
  • Takahashi Murakami exhibit (Dec)IMG_1106.JPG
  • first Japanese EDM concert, ElectroX (Jan)
  • Toro y Moi concert (Jan)
  • Tokyo sumo tournament (Jan)
  • trip to Nikko (Feb)
  • chvrches concert (Feb)
  • Bon Iver concert (Feb)
  • skiing in Hokkaido (Feb)
  • ran the Tokyo Marathon Friendship 5k — coming for you next year 42.2 km! (Feb)IMG_1743
  • trip to Tohoku (March)
    • learned how seaweed and oysters are cultivated and gathered, how mochi is made, and lots of facts about Buddhism and the Great Japan Earthquake and tsunami
  • baby’s first hanami (cherry blossom viewing) season (April)
  • trip to Shimoda (April)
  • climbed mountains (Takao, Nokogiriyama, Mitake, and the venerable Fuji [part I, part II])
  • witnessed matsuris (festivals – all year)
  • ate at the Kill Bill izakaya – Gonpachi (May)
  • my childhood dream came alive at the Sailor Moon art exhibit at the Mori Art Museum (June)
  • first Japanese baseball game – SoftBank Hawks vs. Chiba Mariners (June) softbank game
  • turned twenty five (July)
  • visited the world’s first hedgehog cafe  (August)
  • swam with dolphins in the Izu islands (August)
  • saw Radiohead at Summer Sonic (August)IMG_2050
  • visited the Studio Ghibli Museum (August)
  • moved to Taito-ku (September)
  • Ultra Japan (September)
  • worked on deal closings for several large blue chip Japanese companies (all year)


and since this listicle has gone on long enough, I’ve decided to separate a whole ‘nother post to my Tokyo tomodachi (friends) because there is too much love in that subject to be contained in this year in review. Thank you to everyone who has been such a light in my life here in Tokyo and to my family for being supportive of me and my decision to move thousands of miles away. I’m feeling very blessed today.

xo your friend alice

Location: Tokyo, Japan

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